The Journal of Critical Southern Studies (JCSS) was recently founded as part of efforts to provide an authentic outlet for the promotion and representation of ‘otherness’ through the lenses of Southern voices. The Journal’s foundational premise is anchored on Boaventura de Sousa Santos’ departure point that ‘throughout the world there are practical alternatives to the current status quo of which, however, we rarely take notice, simply because such alternatives are not visible or credible to our ways of thinking.’ Part of the inability to ‘take notice’ has been the fact that the Global South remains, to borrow from Santos, ‘constituted as an intrinsically disqualified being.’ And so long as this continues, there will be dominance and suppression, the result of which would expand and consolidate what Upendra Baxi calls ‘geographies of injustices.’

The focus and particularities of the JCSS imply that it serves to not only challenge hegemony of whatever form, but also seeks to critically interrogate the means and methods of knowledge-production and its transmission. To effectively fulfil this, there is need to broaden access to the Journal so as to expand its natural outreach and constituencies. To this end, this dedicated web platform serves to host as well as facilitate free and easy access to the Journal. The JCSS is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal produced by Global Hands three times a year. It is interdisciplinary, welcomes and encourages high quality papers from scholars and researchers around the globe.